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Infra-Structure Episode 2

The reinterpretation of an icon designed by Vincent Van Duysen. Subtle, incredibly versatile tubular structure. Thanks to a special connection system, it is possible to combine vertical and horizontal elements to create three-dimensional combinations in infinite variations using linear and geometric modules.

Product Infra-Structure Episode 2
Designer Vincent Van Duysen

The reinterpretation of an icon

The unique design of Infra-Structure evolves thanks to a new, extremely simplified modular concept. The subtle but visually stunning elements can be combined to characterize any architectural space with a strong stage presence.

fotografía Theatre Theodore Gouvy by Eugeni Pons

Suspended elements

1. Suspension Cone

The conical module provides total shielding of the light source and integrates a special patented optical unit to achieve professional high-contrast spotlighting effects.

2. Suspension Panel

The circular panel is manufactured with a special hook that makes it very easy to install on the structure. The internal profile features a gold finish that contrasts with the large, highly efficient opal diffuser, guaranteeing high levels of visual comfort.

Apartment for a couple, Mirano (VE), Italy. Architect: Andrea Nalesso, 2019.



Light tubes

1. Light Tube

The horizontal linear modules can be used to obtain direct and indirect light. They represent an important graphic sign in the structure, creating rhythm and visual continuity in the installation through soft and diffused light.

2. Light Tube Covered

The trapezoidal linear module protects the eyes from direct light emission by acting as a screen for the opal diffuser of the luminaire and by concentrating the light on the work surface.



The extreme simplicity of the elements and the speed with which they can be combined allows to free up the creativity of the project and to achieve innumerable combinations.


Different control options can be adapted to any need.


DALI: Broadcast control of each luminaire.


1-10V: Broadcasting remote control (dimming of all the luminaires in a single group).


CASAMBI: Individual control of each luminaire directly through a tablet or smartphone application (FLOS Control®).


FLOS CONTROL ® By Casambi: The FLOS Control® application allows you to control the system’s luminaires individually or as a group, controlling scenes and programming. With a traditional electrical installation and the Gateway connected by Bluetooth, you obtain total control of the ambience.


Product Infra-Structure Episode 2
Designer Vincent Van Duysen