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String Lights by Michael Anastassiades

Minimal and poetic like a pencil line drawn in the air, String Lights is an original suspension, both conceptually simple and bold at the same time. Anastassiades has always sought the primordial and original essence of forms and materials. His designs move towards abstraction, in a search for purity that pursues an exercise of stripping away, taking objects and materials back their original dimension of bareness.


"When I sit on a train travelling, I always see these strings of electricity out of the window. It’s so beautiful and poetic the way they connect the pylons but at the same time they divide the landscape. I wanted to translate this into interior architecture."
– Michael Anastassiades

This is how Michael Anastassiades describes the principle that inspired the String Lights ceiling lamp: a thin electric wire complements the interior environment and can divide the space with infinite configurations. Stretching along the lines are two different heads, a cone and a sphere, that diffuse warm light from a LED source.

I like how people use light to demarcate space, especially outdoor space, if you think of a village square in the Mediterranean at night, they have a string of lights that hang in a square from four posts. They seem to announce: “This is where the party is”. It is these lights that demarcate the activity.

How to move lights when electricity points are always where you least want them to be. So how do you take them where you want them in an effortless and poetic way?