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“If you are not curious, forget it.” Achille Castiglioni

Flos pays tribute to the great Master Achille Castiglioni on his 100th birth anniversary, with a dedicated exhibition and the launch of two special re-editions at the store in Corso Monforte.

The exhibition, designed by Calvi Brambilla, takes its title from one of Castiglioni’s most popular aphorisms, an emblematic expression of his curious nature and a sort of motto of his design philosophy. The wide storefront stages an ironic dialogue between the eccentric Master and some of the most iconic light objects created with his brother Pier Giacomo. In the endless gallery of gestural expressions, grimaces and mime actor’s poses, as portrayed in the photographic series realized by Luciano Soave for the poster of his solo exhibition in Vienna in 1984, all the charisma, genius and brilliant intuition of this extraordinary figure are unleashed.

Inside the store, a wall display showcases a wide gallery of historic lights, many of which are still in production and still the company’s bestsellers, such as Arco, Snoopy, Taccia, Toio, Lampadina, Gatto, Taraxacum 88 and lots more. Each of them has still today its own dash of provocation and wonder, with an equal dose of ironic levity, often summed up by the names he attributed to them.

Flos also unveils two special anniversary re-editions, Ventosa and Nasa. Little devices pulled out of the historical archive, apparently created for functional needs but charged with emotions, and capable of interpreting both the more and the less tangible qualities of light all at once: movement and pleasure.

A special reprint of the Sergio Polano monograph Achille Castiglioni. Tutte le opere, published by Electa, is also presented in the store with an exclusive Flos cover.