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Luce Orizzontale by R. & E. Bouroullec

Craftsmanship is in the details

The new Luce Orizzontale by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec is a sculptural lamp that perfectly combines poetry and function. The artisanal complexity of this new pendant lamp – an interlocking, modular structure crafted from thick glass – is distilled into a striking, minimal lighting solution that truly showcases craftsmanship in its most contemporary form.

The idea for the new lamp originated from an ambitious Flos Bespoke project by the two brothers. Inspired to develop these ideas, the Bouroullec brothers created Luce Orizzontale, a state-of-the-art pendant lamp that plays on the unusual reflection of light from cast glass elements. It is also fully recyclable to reflect the Flos commitment to sustainability. Luce Orizzontale is a perfect example of the Bouroullecs’ ability to blend craftsmanship and technology, simplifying through design.

“It is not a technical glass”, explain Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, “but an ever-changing material, almost alive, with aluminium extrusions inserted through it. The result we wanted to achieve was precise, but also fluctuating and vibrant.”

Not only does the design of Luce Orizzontale ensure it is simultaneously a minimal and statement piece, this stunning, handmade lamp boasts a modular configuration and hanging structures to different lengths, making it incredibly versatile and suitable for any space. Illuminate the length of a table or install in parallel rows to create a powerful result.