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IC Lights family by Michael Anastassiades

A stem, and on top, or below, as if in a balancing act, a glass sphere that projects outwards in a delicate equilibrium at the end of a slanting baton. Apparently unstable, the opalescent ball looks as though it might slip away as if it were the apparatus to a juggler’s act in which sphere and baton are magically balanced. By Cypriot designer Michael Anastassiades.

"I came across an online video clip of a contact juggler. He was spinning a set of spheres, moving them around on his arms and edge of his fingers. And as I got mesmerized by the magic of his skill, suddenly the spheres look perfectly still. I wanted to capture that exact moment. This was my starting point."
- Michael Anastassiades

This collection explores balance. There is a series of lights: table lights, wall lights, ceiling pendants, and ceiling mounted lights which take as their basic form a sphere that is perfectly balanced on the edge of a rod.