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In Molly Molloy's Milanese apartment


Interview by Alice Morby

Photography by Ambra Crociani

In 2018, together with former Vogue fashion director Lucinda Chambers, Molly Molloy (and occasional painter) founded forward-thinking brand Colville. Named after the London street where David Hockney once lived, they describe Colville as being the ‘antithesis of fast fashion’, and champion longevity and integrity through its collections.

From Colville’s Milan HQ, Molloy takes us on her career journey to date, shares secrets of her collaborative success, talks about her life in objects, and reflects on the childhood moments in which creativity and colour have had a profound impact.


You have spoken about being fascinated by design of all sorts, so I’m interested to know how that translates to the space in which you live and the things that you live around?

MM: I think your surrounding environment is really important, and I find it hard for things not to be beautiful, or to have meaning or stories. I think your objects make you feel secure in a way, and I have a total collection of stuff to surround me – to the point where my flat is getting close to exploding! I buy a lot of vintage pieces, as I love the fact that they’re not 100 percent perfect. For years, I wanted to get hold of the Foglio lamp by Tobia Scarpa, and actually ended up finding it in a vintage shop near my home here in Milan. It’s like a mini sculpture, and there's something really quite feminine about it, which I love.