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Sebastian Wrong


When did you realise you wanted to be a designer?

I never made a conscious decision to be a designer, but I can remember wanting to be an artist when I was seven. 

What is artificial light for you?

Visible light created from a man-made source.

How did the collaboration with Flos started?

Like a dream... Flos called me some months after I presented the Spun Light at the Salone Satellite in 2002, it was a game changer for me. Flos relaunched the light in 2003.

Spun Light Table

Is there a great designer, artist or musician you regard as a point of reference for your work?

I can't identify a person or group as the big influence, having come from a fine art background my path into design was unconventional, gradual and ongoing. Sources of inspiration are everywhere, my art school education taught me this principle which I can always cross reference into my work.

Which is the intersection between the design and art worlds in your opinion?

It's about context and clarity. Design has an obligation to be pragmatic, art evokes thought and emotion. The gap between these two points is endlessly shifting and totally undefinable and is the essence of creativity. Art can have a magic force which can also translate into magical design.

Spun Light Floor