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How can I create an account?
Why do I need to register?
I created an account but forgot my password. How can I get my password, or create a new password?
Is the subscription to the newsletter free?
How can I cancel my account or my newsletter subscription?
How can I update my shipping address, billing address or payment method?
Is there a website dedicated for Professionals ?


How can I place an order?
How can I redeem my welcome bonus?
What if I don’t know my order number?
What Payment methods are accepted?
Can I cancel or change my order before it is dispatched?
Are there any benefits for traders?


What are my delivery options and how much do they cost?
To which countries do you deliver?
Are taxes and duties included in my order?
How long will it take to receive my order?
How do I track my order?
Can I change the shipping address after placing an order?
How many boxes will be delivered with the shipment?
Are shipping costs refunded?

Return policy

How do I return a product?
I received a damaged product. What do I do next?
What guarantee coverage does Flos offer?


Does Flos provide installation assistance on the purchase of its products?

Product details

Where can I find Replacement or Spare Parts?
What if I can’t find the spare part I need?
Does this lamp have a dimmer?
How do I know if a product has a lightbulb included or not?
Where can I find the product’s lightbulb I am looking for?
I have an incandescent and/or halogen lamp. Can I buy any bulb?


Can I apply the welcome bonus to a product in promotion?