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Gustave, at your service

The portable, rechargeable table lamp by Vincent Van Duysen

It’s a pleasure to introduce Gustave, the new portable, self-powered luminaire designed especially for table lighting. Created by internationally renowned designer Vincent Van Duysen, the Gustave table lamp casts a bright circle of light with a dark centre, ideal for a dining scenario or similar uses. And despite its compact size, Gustave employs innovative technology and exudes personality.

Originally designed for the hospitality industry, Gustave is named after the charming concierge from Wes Anderson’s masterpiece – and one of Van Duysen’s favourite movies – Grand Budapest Hotel. Discreet and sustainable, it’s safe to say that Gustave is also very good at its job, offering comfortable, high-performance lighting that perfectly complements the dining experience.

“One of the challenges of the year has been designing this battery table lamp. We wanted a look that wasn't too technical but rather elegant and timeless. Whether in a restaurant or at home, this lamp is a real passe-partout.” Gustave’s neat design incorporates all technical elements and is turned on and off by touching the head of the lamp in a simple and intuitive gesture.

Vincent Van Duysen tapped into the proprietary lighting technology behind his best-seller Oblique to develop this new lamp, which also employs cutting-edge engineering to ensure it is environmentally friendly. The entire lamp can be easily taken apart for repairs and recycling as part of Flos efforts to tackle obsolescence and drive sustainability and circular design.

Gustave is a rechargeable, waterproof lamp and can be used in countless different situations, including exterior scenarios, bringing high-quality table lighting outdoors. And there are seven sleek colours to choose from: Polished Silver, Matt Anthracite, Lacquered Brown, Titan Blue, Lacquered Green, Raw Aluminium and Matt White.