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Marcel Wanders


When did you realise you wanted to be a designer?

MW: Wednesday, June 16th, 1982, 11:32 when I was forcefully kicked out of the Design Academy Eindhoven.

What is artificial light for you?

MW: Artificial light is light resulting of intentional human creation, I consider human creation a natural phenomenon and so “I classify artificial light as Natural”.

Why do you like working with Flos?

MW: “I learn from the Best”.

What is the next object you’d like to design?

MW: I was always sad Earth has one single lonely moon, I would love to create two more.

Marcel Wanders

Is there a great designer, artist, or musician you regard as a point of reference for your work?

MW: There is an endless amount of creatives and non-creatives I have learned from,pointing out only One would be unrespectful. I rather recognize my whole brother- and sisterhood of creatives.