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FLOS is one of the Brands of the Flos B&B Italia Group S.p.A.. Flos B&B Italia Group S.p.A. places ethics and integrity at the heart of our business conduct.


Foreword by Daniel Lalonde

Chief Executive Officer, Flos B&B Italia Group S.p.A.

I’m sometimes asked: what makes a brand valuable? Well, the value is rooted in the desirability of the products, the quality of its services, its level of innovation, the customers' loyalty and brand awareness.

But just as important is the brand’s reputation, whether the brand keeps earning the trust of customers, employees, suppliers, and partners.

At Flos B&B Italia Group S.p.A. we pride ourselves on the beauty of our designs and the quality of our craftsmanship. In the same way we must take pride in our DH Code of Ethics.

Every single day, with every single action, we – you, me, all our colleagues – are ambassadors for each of our Brands. Through our behaviour we earn trust and define our reputation.

For me, this document is much more than a guideline for what to do (or not to do). I see our DH Code of Ethics as our North Star, our guide for how we can be our best and live by our values every day.

Let me be clear: earning trust does not happen in a one-off moment or by simply reading this document. It’s a journey, supporting change and best practices, not just at Flos B&B Italia Group S.p.A., but across our Industry.

Ethical behaviour has many dimensions. It’s about being honest, fair and transparent. It extends to how we respect the environment, take on social responsibility, and support diversity and inclusion.

Remember: there’s an inherent beauty not just in our design, but also in how we behave.

Flos B&B Italia Group S.p.A. attaches great importance to ensuring that its brands and their partners and employees share a set of common rules, practices, and principles with respect to ethics, social responsibility and protection of the environment.

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