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2017 has been an exciting year for Flos Group, epitomized by a push towards innovation and modernization, characterized by the first implementation phase of our digital transformation.


Actually, in late 2017 we have launched our new global website, with a great new design and contents offer, and we have started a gradual centralization and strategic management of the corporate social media. Albeit being just the first step of a long-standing roadmap, this strategy for us represents an opportunity to demonstrate to our stakeholders how a 55-year old company can still adopt a pioneering approach, by combining a solid tradition of quality and a renowned brand with an endlessly young attitude. Digitalization goes hand in hand with our distinctive attention towards product innovation. At Flos, we are deeply convinced that the creation of light through the conception and the design of new lighting solutions is an act of profound responsibility. As a matter of fact, light is a vital element to life, and our solutions should embody the latest technological enhancements in order to ameliorate our customers’ quality of living, by offering a customized and reliable answer to their evolving needs. That is why our new models explore some of the most advanced Internet of Things solutions, with the aim of improving the user experience of our increasingly connected customers.

On the same vein, innovation should contribute to the overall sustainability of our products, as witnessed by the progressive diffusion of LED solutions within our portfolio. In our view, LED provides the perfect match between creativity and respect for the environment. Therefore, we will keep experimenting with its applications in the upcoming years, building on the mounting success of recent models like Noctambule, designed by Konstantin Grcic, or Michael Anastassiades’ Arrangements lamp. These latter perfectly demonstrate how sustainability can be iconic and how energy efficiency can become a synonym of style and class.

However, since we are aware that our commitment towards sustainability cannot be limited to our products, in 2017 we have also worked in order to improve our overall environmental and social performance along our value chain. In this direction, we have implemented a series of actions intended to progressively reduce our energy consumption and to increase the percentage of recycled waste. Similarly, driven by the willingness to ensure a constant talent development, we have increased the amount of training hours dispensed to our employees, while trying to foster a positive working environment and to enhance their personal welfare. This, our third Sustainability Report will provide you with insights regarding all these topics, and offers you a more nuanced glance of our corporate reality. It will also guarantee an objective vision over our sustainability performance, with an enlarged reporting scope covering also our subsidiaries Antares and Ares. Finally, as a confirmation to our firm commitment to adhere to the Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, which we joined in 2015, it will clearly communicate our efforts to become a reference in the lighting industry also from a sustainability standpoint.  SCARICA IL REPORT COMPLETO


Piero Gandini – CEO