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The bare minimum

You need to set up your filters in the right way. You almost need to protect yourself from the noise. Remove the excess information. Remove everything and just live with the bare minimum.

Designer Michael Anastassiades - Place London - Director Leone Balduzzi - Art Director Enrico Magistro

London is a big city, but at the same time finding yourself in London you need to build your own parameters, your own environment somehow in order to function properly.

"I have a very obsessive nature, when I’m passionate about something i do it at extreme levels. My design practice is obsessive. The discipline behind it is obsessive. Even things that I enjoy personally in my life, I get obsessive about it."
– Michael Anastassiades

Inspiration can come in different ways. You have this vision of something and you want to realise it and you want to execute it. Other times its much more subtle. It’s a feeling that you have that you need to somehow cultivate. It’s a very slow process. It’s a filtration process.


I live right in the middle of the city. It’s full of noise, it’s full of distractions, it’s full of people and I wanted to make my home like a sanctuary, like a refuge. You know its almost like building a castle in the middle of the city.

"Now that I see it again from a distance, I realise my life is about balance. I could have gone back to Cyprus where I am originally from but I would have been a big fish in a small pond. I wanted to be a small fish in a big pond."