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Gustave: the portable, rechargeable table lamp

Gustave is the portable, self-powered luminaire designed by internationally renowned designer Vincent Van Duysen. Created especially for table lighting, Gustave employs an ingenious combination of lighting technology and engineering to cast a bright circle of light with a dark centre that makes it ideal for dining.

Arco K 2022 Limited Edition

Arco K 2022 Limited Edition is a numbered special-edition release. Be one of the few to welcome a piece of design history into your collection. The Arco K 2022 Limited Edition shines a light on the structure of the lamp itself, drawing the gaze along the all-important arc to the innovative crystal base. Be among the lucky first 100 to buy Arco K Limited Edition to receive the unique commemorative screen-print of the original sketch by the Achille Castiglioni Foundation, 50X70 cm, signed, numbered and authenticated.

Bellhop new edition in matte black

The iconic portable, rechargeable, and wireless LED lamp gets a makeover with a sleek new edition in the coolest of colours and finishes. A colour that has inspired art, architecture, design, film and music since the dawn of time: black. Bring a touch of creativity and nature into your home with this small, but powerful black totem and symbol of modernity.