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Exciting news for Mayday by Konstantin Grcic

The legendary lamp designed to go anywhere now really can go anywhere. Mayday becomes even more versatile with an outdoor version. Made from sustainable polypropylene recovered from industrial scrap and assembled entirely without glue so that each part can be recycled, this is an outdoor lamp designed to respect the outdoors.

Photography Tommaso Sartori

The new Mayday Outdoor by Konstantin Grcic is available in three new colours inspired by nature: Leaf Green, Mustard Yellow and Black. These organic shades ensure that it remains a discreet presence in your outdoor spaces during the day, transforming into a functional beacon when the sun sets. 

Its perfect blend of utility and aesthetics has guaranteed the enduring popularity of the Mayday lamp. The hook detail allows the lamp to be suspended from absolutely anywhere while acting as a handy cord winder if needed. Light up your summer from dusk till dawn with this handy lamp.