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Corporate Responsibility



I am proud to present our renewed Sustainability Report that mirrors Flos’ renovated com-mitment to sustainability, reaching deep down inside the Group’s strategic approach – a fil-rouge that ties together all our activities. The Sustainability Policy and its pillars, published on our corporate website, are a clear expression of this profound commitment and of the deep engagement of all Flos people. This goes hand in hand with our adherence to the UN Global Compact principles and our support to the broader Sustainable Development Goals.

As my first year as Flos’ CEO, I wanted to pour all of my experience and devotion to sustain-ability matters from the outset, in order to contribute to deepen an established mindset that makes the Group stand out. For this reason, a change management effort has been inaugu-rated with the aim to tighten the collaboration both between functions and Group companies: along the whole value chain, shoulder-to-shoulder work has been put at the core of Flos’ daily life, enabling to liberate breakthrough creativity, confidence and performance in the activities carried out at all levels – in one word, unfolding the Company’s full potential.

Talent, and thus the people, are the pivotal enabler of this potential and, as a result, they rep-resented Flos’ focus since the beginning, both inside and outside the Group’s perimeter. This relationship has been the guiding principle of the Group’s way of dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, which broke out at the beginning of 2020: in moments of serious emergency that threatened our entire societies from the very foundations, Flos took advantage of its flexibility, market position and proactivity, standing still without compromising on the safety of its people.

Our wide-ranging sustainability approach embraces environmental aspects as well: in 2019, we dedicated much of our efforts to continue increasing efficiency of operations, with regards to both energy consumption and materials. As for the former, we increased the share of electricity supplied by guaranteed renewable sources, thus further reducing our impact; as for the latter, our R&D department dedicated its time to exploring new solutions that will potentially change the way we conceive and craft new, breakthrough products from the ground up.

Finally, one of Flos’ most valuable ingredients is tightly related to its heritage and know-how. The intangible resources the Group can count on are essential to create positive synergies, that is to create value not only from a cost saving perspective. The goal of increasing business resilience and vitality is inextricably tied to talent and culture. To this extent, Design Holding is an important sharing platform that plays a central role in creating value through both financial and social capital.

Knowing that we still have a long and challenging path ahead, this Report reveals how we are passionately striving to consolidate our sustainability mindset. I thus hope you will enjoy the reading.




Roberta Silva – CEO