Get into the best icons of the Outdoor Collection

Flos Outdoor is a new collection created to illuminate open spaces through a new language, finding balance both by hiding in the natural landscape behind discrete objects, and by conversing with the architecture through designs with a unique identity

Collection Flos Outdoor Lighting

The latest generation LED electronic board designed by Flos is integrated in the lamp head, and protected by an opal optic diffuser, to allow a smooth and homogeneous light distribution all around the pole.

The Bellhop was conceived as a table lamp for the London Design Museum restaurant. Now the collection is moving outdoors. We have adapted the simple archetype into a functional outdoor series which enriches landscapes and architecture.


The gentle design of the head, combined with the variety of functions an installation options, makes the Landlord Spot a versatile tool for outdoor lighting, to be integrated in any kind of landscape design.

The opal diffuser on the back of the Landlord Soft orientable head guarantees a confortable and homogeneous light distribution, maintaining a good level efficiency while perfectly screening the LED light source.

Landlord Ground luminaries are also available with integrated honeycomb, for a super confortahbe, glare-free light source that becomes virtually invisible in the ground.

Landlord is the lord of the earth and the lord of light… and if you are a flower or a tree or a simple two or four-legged animal, you have to ask Landlord for permission if you want to pass unharmed through the night.


The bottom optic body of Climber is protected with a glass and set back to minimise glare and guarantee visual comfort.
Surface installation with compact support for better architectural integration.

Climber is a light which, as the name suggests, climbs up the walls. Indeed, it touches them with delicacy as it does so.

The minimalist, stylish design of the aluminium structure makes Casting perfect for any type of installation.  Diffuser in micro-texturized glass, to protect the optic body and provide a uniform distribution of the light beam.

Casting is a series of miniature lighting icons which fuse landscape and outdoor design. The design of the T and C shapes, casts a clear frame in every background. Its shape clearly reveals the intent of the desired light direction. An expression and attitude of modernist periods ‘when form follows function’.

Pure lines that delineate continuous geometries to bring out the material details of the concrete finish. Rapid fixture system at the base integrated in the cement casting.

The half-rounded model, Casting Concrete, refers to a more brutalist architecture. An archetype geometry and a solid base, enhanced by a concrete material that reflects its mass.

The richness of the stone finishings provides both the camouflage of perfect integration and the distinction of contrast.

Parabolic reflector in white polycarbonate for controlled, uniform radial light distribution.

Switch off the light and, as if by magic, the lamp disappears. Switch it on and, again as if by magic, all you see is the light itself. Is it a lamp or a chameleon?


Collection Flos Outdoor Lighting