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Find Me 0, ultra-minimalist design

Find Me is the first Flos projector thought from its origins to use LED technology. This is a recessed ceiling luminaire, removable at different heights and directional within every imaginable possibility despite its minimal size. It represents a simple way to seek the essence of design offering at the same time very high lighting features, ratifying that simplicity and clarity lead to good design.

Designer Jorge Herrera
Product Find Me
Photography Jorge Herrera studio, Germano Borrelli

New Find Me 0

This ingenious interior lighting, recessed and adjustable, actually features an ultra-minimalist design, bringing all the lighting capacities to the absolute minimum possible size without leaving aside the talent of his older brother Find Me.



Find Me

Interior lighting spotlight with LED light source. Available in three versions: Mono Point version, consisting of a removable cylindrical housing which, in its upper position, acts as a downlight, and in its lower position, becomes a directional spotlight, Double Point version, consisting of a recessed box which houses two spotlights and a Suspension version.


Direct light spot with a 360º mobility

The magic of Find Me lies in the possibility of being a direct light spot with a 360º mobility and seeming like a downlight in its upper position. Enchanting, specific and thumping in only a few centimetres.




Absolute merging with space

An adjustment system with elastic flanges on a toothed guide, permits concealing the spotlights, thus becoming totally integrated into the environment.

FindMe Gif Animado





Designer Jorge Herrera
Product Find Me
Photography Jorge Herrera studio, Germano Borrelli