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Mayday Anniversary

Konstantin Grcic, 2020

Mayday Anniversary by Konstantin Grcic. Signed by Konstantin Grcic and presented with the “Compasso d’Oro” award, Mayday is a lamp suitable for multiple uses and locations: it can be positioned on a table, placed on the floor, or suspended, thanks to the practical handle, which also acts as a cord reel. Mayday Annversary has a special packaging in honor of the 20th Anniversary of the iconic lamp.The mentioned packaging is in the shape of a toolbox and bears a sticker with a progressive number corresponding to the number on the lamp. Limited edition with only 2020 pieces, all of them numbered, as the year of Anniversary. The material is different to the original version. Instead of Polypropilene, tumbler diecast aluminum with natural anodized finishing. Each handle has engraved the exclusive and unique progressive serial number for each piece plus the designer's signature. The incision was made by traditional handcrafted mechanical punching.
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