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Light Shadow & Dots evolution


We inform you about the evolution of the LED for “LIGHT SHADOW” family and that it grows with a new fixture called “DOTS” for the maximum integration in ceilings, a new flood beam angle and a flux version. It keeps the minimalist line of this family and adds a new option for a simple point of light, which could be joint either in series to create continuous lines of “DOTs”. This new item is available with two different distances between the spots, 44mm or 70mm in order to have more flexibility. Finishes of its reflector are the same as the rest of the LIGHT SHADOW family to help to mix booth type of products.

You’ll need to order the 1, 2 or 4 light “NO TRIM ACCESSORY” and the 1 or 4 light codes, to be inserted therein. Drivers must be ordered separately too.

The LED is updated to the last generation available. It increases a little bit the flux and improves the colour consistency.

Running Magnet Light Shadow version is also updated with the new LED generation.

Wall-washer versión are under development, they are planned to be available by the end of the year 2019.

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