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Fast Track

Light In Motion04

We inform that the family “FAST TRACK” is now fully available. The only global system able to focus, transfer and guide luminaires remotely. A system for surface and ceiling embedded versions. Equipped with wireless control through the FLOS SMART CONTROL® system using a Bluetooth Gateway to be controlled using the app for Apple mobile devices. Automatic focus and manual guidance and transfer. The system can recognize the location of each spot at any time and memorize up to a maximum of 24 light/day scenes for subsequent use and 4 scheduled changes between scenes. It can control up to 40 luminaries for each gateway and 20m length track. Be aware that this is not a general building control system due to Bluetooth limitations, you can’t control two different gateways at the same time.

The only dimming protocol available is FLOS Smart Control This system is no compatible with DALI or 1-10V dimming solutions.


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