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Flos Group

A profile of a company recognised the world over as a leading in the residential and architectural lighting sector.

Flos CEO, Piero Gandini

A profile of Flos leader Piero Gandini, a truly enlightened entrepreneur.

Flos Architectural

A history of Flos Architectural and its production plant in Valencia, which has brought the relationship between light and architecture to new standards.


A leading Italian manufacturer of architectural outdoor lighting, Ares entered the Flos Group in June 2015, introducing the new Flos Outdoor collection.

Lukas Lighting

The acquisition of Lukas Lighting, a NYC-based company specializing in sophisticated custom lighting products, facilitates Flos’ expansion in North America.

Flos and Investindustrial

The entry of the private equity fund Investindustrial into the FLOS’ capital in November 2014 marked the start of a further plan of development and international expansion.

Flos Group Sustainability Report 2016