Becoming Flos

How do you transform an industry into a laboratory to revolutionize the “lamp” concept? For Sergio Gandini, who began managing Flos in 1963, the company’s endeavors and creative fantasy could coexist without contradiction; the combination of the two would bring success to the brand.

Relocating to the industrial district of Brescia allowed for a conducive environment for designers, resulting in products such as the Bauhaus-inspired Jucker lamp by Tobia Scarpa or of the revolutionary Arco by the Castiglioni brothers. Flos’ strategies were based on what we would now call a Think Tank, establishing the company as a longstanding pioneer in Italian design.

Gandini, together with his exclusive designers (the Castiglioni brothers and the Scarpa duo), determined Flos’ products, communication strategy and image. Together, they etched the lines of their own desires, the desire lines which brought about the most iconic lamps in the history of lighting.


by Stefano Casciani

Original drawing for the Arco lamp by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, 1962
Sergio Gandini with the lamp Snoopy, A. and P.G. Castiglioni, 1968
Sergio Gandini with Afra and Tobia Scarpa
The first window set up of the Flos store in Milan, design A. Castiglioni, 1969
Exposition for the “Italia ‘61” centenary in Turin’s Palavela arena with lamps by Flos