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Fenestra Deep Brown

Power LED

Elementkode: F2262018

Luminaire body in die-cast aluminum EN AB-47100 (low copper content). High-resistance coating: after a sandblasting treatment of all components to make the surface porous and ensure a greater adhesion of the paint, the external coating is applied with a double layer with epoxy powders according to the QUALICOAT standard. The first layer of epoxy powder gives chemical and mechanical resistance, the second finishing layer of polyester powder ensures resistance to UV rays and atmospheric agents. The painted surfaces are treated with alkaline and acidic washes, then rinsed with demineralized water, subjected to a chemical conversion treatment to protect against oxidation. Thanks to the use of a dual LED source and two laminar emitting lenses, it guarantees a coverage of 270° with homogeneous distribution and excellent color uniformity. UV-stabilized polycarbonate diffuser, silicone seal. Each luminaire is equipped with a mechanical adjustment system to compensate for the inclination of the sills, and to allow the correct orientation of the luminous beam.

Teknisk tegning
Skjernatisk lystegning
  • Antall lampehoder: 1
  • Monteringer: Floor

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  • Dimbar: DIM8
  • Driver: Integrated
  • Nødsituasjon: Uten
  • Vekt (kg): 0,70