Flos Outdoor Lighting at Flos Professional Space

To mark the 2017 Fuori Salone, Flos presented a photo exhibition and video-projection of images realized by talented photographers Tommaso Sartori and Nicholas Cope for the new Flos Outdoor Lighting catalogue.
Piero Gandini - Flos CEO, Andrea Bonomi - Managing Principal Investindustrial
Vitaliano and Marina Borromeo
Manuel Perani - Flos Executive VP, Operations & Finance, Jason Brackenbury, CEO Flos Projets
Piero Gandini, Barbara Balestreri - BBLD
Oki Sato - Nendo
Formafantasma, Piero Gandini, Elena Gandini
Alessandro and Yasmine Sarfatti, Piero Gandini
Giovanna Castiglioni
Stefano Guindani, Barbara Corti, Piero Gandini
Piero Lissoni, Giorgio Busnelli - B&B Italia CEO
Stefanie Barth
Paolo Brambilla, Mario Venuti, Fabio Calvi
Michael Anastassiades
Victoria Cabello

“Between black and white there is the rainbow.” Tommaso Sartori

“Nature provides the perfect subject for study; there is an infinite amount of detail and variance, all of the difficult work has been done for you.” Nicholas Alan Cope

Flos Outdoor is a collection created to illuminate open spaces through a new language, finding balance both by hiding in the natural landscape with discrete objects, and by conversing with the architecture through designs that have a unique identity. It is produced by new Group company Ares, the third production unit alongside the successful Home and Architectural sectors.