Flos at Light+Building Fair 2018, Frankfurt

“The idea springs from the Roman villa, where the rooms in which domestic life unfolded were typically laid out around the central patio. This reinterpretation has been used to display the products in the Flos Architectural collection, which converse with the garden where the Flos Outdoor products are installed, establishing a dialogue between indoor and outdoor.

Another theme is the idea of the secret garden, found in the centre of the stand’s monolithic, brutalist architecture. In this space, the visitor discovers a Garden that is in contrast with the architectural language.”   Vincent Van Duysen

Flos Architectural introduces ever more advanced solutions in terms of smart control technologies, presenting both integrated lighting control systems and mobile applications, easily interfaceable with any home automation standard and ensuring compliance with Smart Building requirements. The exclusive FLOS Smart Control®, an application that allows a complete remote control of the luminaires through smartphones and tablets, is now applied to all the most iconic Flos tracking systems, including the recently launched Infra-Structure by Vincent Van Duysen. Each projector can be controlled and programmed in orientation and dimming options, to easily adjust it to any lighting need in any environment.

Among the product novelties, Piero Lissoni unveils for the first time Diversion, a new suspended and articulated structure of linear light modules for a diffuse, uninterrupted lighting effect. The minimum physical size for a surface installed track characterized Zero Track, allowing the insertion of a variety of miniaturized, dimmable lighting fixtures, among which Atom, a round shape or spotlight luminaire for a diffuse or direct light effect.

Thanks to the application of cutting-edge technologies for outdoor use combined with a refined design, Flos Outdoor presents a sophisticated line of products able to create a dialogue between indoor and outdoor spaces. The elegant bollard and wall series Bellhop by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby hide themselves in a greenery setting together with the innovative, adjustable projector Landlord and other refined wall lighting fixtures by Piero Lissoni. A new, miniaturized bollard joins the iconic Belvedere family by Antonio Citterio, while the successful Casting series by Vincent Van Duysen finds its natural setting within the sculptural and architectural style of the stand.

Flos lights the exhibition ‘Italiana. Italy through the Lens of Fashion 1971-2001’

FLOS is lighting partner of Italiana. Italy through the Lens of Fashion 1971-2001, an exhibition promoted and produced by Comune di Milano-Cultura, Palazzo Reale and Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, on show at Palazzo Reale in Milan from February 22 to May 6, 2018.

Conceived and curated by Maria Luisa Frisa and Stefano Tonchi to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, the exhibition celebrates the story of Italian fashion from 1971 to 2001, highlighting the progressive affirmation of the Italian fashion system in this great season for all things Made in Italy. It was a remarkable period of relationships and contamination between the exponents of that particular generation of Italian architects, designers and intellectuals who charted the course of international culture. Clothes, contemporary art, fashion and design objects, photographs, magazines and sketches breathe life into a sophisticated design landscape through an imaginative creative kaleidoscope.

In partnership with exhibition designers and artistic directors Selldorf Architects and Studio Baschera Brigolin Mocchi, FLOS developed the lighting project and supplied innovative and high performance light sources, best suited to the exhibition. The UT Spot from the Flos Architectural collection represents a highly efficient and reliable choice, featuring a sophisticated, minimalist design mounted on a three-phase track system. The spotlight discretely enhances the texture, colour and manufacture of the outfits displayed on mannequins and favours the colour reproduction of the artworks, photographs, drawings and other objects on show, without altering or damaging them. Special accessories like lenses and anti-glare filters provide better optical control and comfortable light shaping by reducing glare to a minimum for visitors. All the lights have dimmers so that the light can be adjusted to the right level for each object or outfit and to enhance the atmosphere and theatricality of the exhibition design.

Flos shines at the LIT Lighting Design Awards

The original installation conceived by Flos and Barbara Balestreri for the Elle Decor Italia Concept Store during Milan Design Week 2017 was awarded in the Interactive Lighting Project category. Barbara Balestreri created four responsive light-installations which invited visitors to trigger sensors and projections activating emotional and dynamic lighting designs. For example, by sitting on a chair guests could switch on a kaleidoscopic effect of reflections of the iconic Taraxacum lamp by Castiglioni. Another room featured pulsating mini Glo-Ball pendant lamps by Jasper Morrison which created a raindrop effect over a rippling water surface projected on the floor. Philippe Starck’s Chapo lamps hanging upside-down from the ceiling of another room lit-up when people stepped on a particular platform. A 2097 chandelier by Gino Sarfatti emanating a warm, bespoke light became instead a sculpture when indirectly illuminated. “With this installation we aimed to highlight both the decorative and technical aspects of lighting design, which are often presented separately even though they are inseparable aspects of the project”, said Barbara.

The highly acclaimed lighting project for the Dentro Caravaggio exhibition at Palazzo Reale in Milan (28th September 2017- 4th February, 2018), realized by Barbara Balestreri in collaboration with Flos, also received a Honorable Mention in the Interior Architectural Illumination category. The lightecture for this major retrospective of the Renaissance icon Caravaggio followed the artist’s path highlighting the vibrant colours and luminosity of his canvases. Visitors were invited to explore the painter’s works through a path of shadows that became darker and darker throughout the exhibition. The luminous halos that seemed to expand from the canvases invited visitors to walk into Caravaggio’s atmospheres.

Flos at Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2018

Flos has taken part to the 66th edition of the Stockholm Furniture & Light fair presenting the latest Home and Outdoor collection novelties.

The 110sqm booth was comprised of three spaces defined by white walls, creating a specific setting for each product. Arrangements by Michael Anastassiades has welcomed visitors with its elegant, jewel-like chandeliers made of geometric lighting elements. The opposite area was dedicated to the first creations designed by Nendo for Flos: Sawaru, composed of two cylinders touching each other and acting like an adjustable projector, and Gaku, a square frame in ash wood, hosting a little pendant lamp or a portable induction-charging lighting element, or many other magnetic accessories. The new collaboration with duo Formafantasma has givenbirth to the sculptural Wirering, an innovative wall lamp consisting of a custom-made, belt-like electric cable and a ring containing a Led strip, both available in refined finishes. The timeless lines, unfailing lightness and empirical modernity of the Bon Jour Versailles collection by Philippe Starck, created in collaboration with Baccarat, has diffused a warm and homogeneous light reflected by several sophisticated, interchangeable diffusers.

The Flos Outdoor collection has been presented on various plinths and vases in concrete finish, where the lighting products discreetly hide themselves in a greenery setting. The elegant bollard and wall series Bellhop by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby shared the outdoor stage with Landlord by Piero Lissoni, an innovative, adjustable projector available with several accessories. Piero Lissoni’s wall lamp Camouflage has also enriched the new collection with its rough, materic feel and discrete halo of light.

Blush Lamp by Formafantasma wins the Wallpaper* Design Awards 2018

‘The relationship humans have with light transcends a functional dimension and is elevated to an emotional one. Lamps are designed to illuminate the world with brightness, but also with the intimacy of shadow: the quality of light cannot solely be measured through its intensity. Blush Lamp makes use of a Led strip and a piece of dichroic glass to cast brightly-tinted reflections on walls to answer to the lack of colour saturation during winter months. With its sober design and meticulous use of light and color, Blush Lamp recreates the indoor memory of a long summer day.’



Infra-Structure wins the FX Interior Design Awards 2017 as Product of the Year

On November 29th 2017 the FX Awards celebrated world-class design excellence at Grosvenor House, London, with a terrific showbiz-style party hosted by comedian Jimmy Carr. Infra-Structure, designed by internationally acclaimed Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen for Flos Architectural, won the hotly contested award of 2017 Product of the Year, a brand new category sponsored by Corian.

Ulysse Dormoy, MD of Atrium, exclusive distributor for Flos in the UK, excitedly picked up the award on behalf of the designer and of Flos.

The Infra-Structure collection is Vincent Van Duysen’s reinterpretation of a typical Bauhaus design language. It exposes a tubular structure with an industrial aesthetic, creating a network of light within the space. It expresses an architectural composition through its rhythm and sequences. The collection is composed by a 48V track featuring Flos exclusive magnetic technology for power distribution and luminaries installation, to be surface installed as a grid with end-less possibilities of combinations in single or multiple parallel modular lines.

Flos Outdoor unveiled in Japan

Flos Showroom in Tokyo launched the new Flos Outdoor collection with a special photo exhibition realized by talented photographers Tommaso Sartori and Nicholas Cope. Among the products showcased, the new outdoor lighting creations by Vincent Van Duysen and Piero Lissoni, the recent architectural lighting system Infra-Structure and the Smart Control device

The Takamura wines and coffee store has been the perfect space to unveil, this time in Osaka, a selection of the new outdoor lighting products and the limited edition of some iconic lamps in special finishes.

Flos at dxb Dubai Design Week 2017

Conceived as pure geometric lights drawing multiple combinations of elegant jewel-like chandeliers, Arrangements is a precious piece of art as well as an unprecedented modular lighting system which was revealed for the first time by Flos at this year’s Euroluce – Salone del Mobile in Milan.

“I have always been fascinated with the parallel that exists between Lighting and Jewelry. Starting from the simple fact of how each piece relates to the human scale: one is designed to be worn on the body whereas the other is made to decorate the space someone occupies. I’m challenged in how the delicate nature of something small can be translated spatially and still manage to retain its preciousness in the way materials are presented. It is no coincidence that the word ‘pendant’ has a double meaning. Existing both as a piece of jewelry that hangs from a chain worn round the neck, and a light designed to hang from the ceiling.
Arrangements is a modular system of geometric light elements that could be combined in different ways, creating multiple compositions into individual chandeliers. Each unit simply attaches onto the previous one as if resting, balancing perfectly as part of a glowing chain.”    Michael Anastassiades

Flos Outdoor launches in India

Alongside the successful Home, Architectural and Custom sectors, the new Flos Outdoor Collection enriches the offer of Flos’ lighting products and systems, strengthening its leading position in the sector. It establishes a new language, finding balance both by hiding discreetly in the natural landscape and by conversing with the architecture through designs that have a unique identity.


Arrangements at NYCxDesign 2017

Conceived as pure geometric lights drawing multiple combinations of elegant jewel-like chandeliers, Arrangements is a precious piece of art and as well as an unprecedented modular lighting system which was revealed for the first time by Flos at this year’s Euroluce – Salone del Mobile in Milan.