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My Circuit: design your own path

FLOS_My Circuit_hero

"I am part of a generation where, growing up as a kid, electric slot cars were hugely popular. But beyond the idea of racing, I was more fascinated with how simple combinations of curved and linear track sections would create fantasy circuits. Through similar imagination, one can simply map this experience to the opposite surface of the ceiling"

Michael Anastassiades

FLOS_My Circuit_Casa Magistretti

Endless layouts, infinite configurations.

My Circuit by Michael Anastassiades is a fully flexible lighting track. 

We test the system’s modularity within the spaces of a house on the hills outside Milan, designed by Vico Magistretti in 1964 for Cesare Cassina. Designed simply with a square layout based on symmetry, the house features a copper roof and a structure partly encased on the hill, and is accessed through a street-facing court. The house’s living area is defined by a fireplace that divides its spaces, and it opens onto the landscape, connecting the indoors with its surroundings.

FLOS_My Circuit_Casa Magistretti_Assonometrie-1
FLOS_My Circuit_Casa Magistretti_Assonometrie-union

Within the rational architecture of Magistretti’s interiors, the system sinuously adapts to the different interior configurations, from compact to elongated rooms and in multi-functional, asymmetrical spaces. The house gently frames the lighting compositions, allowing each element to shine in the minimalist interiors. The discreet decoration of My Circuit’s track offers a gentle approach to multifunctional lighting that sits well within the house’s rooms.

FLOS_My Circuit_track_2
FLOS_My Circuit_track_3
FLOS_My Circuit_track_4

My Circuit is a new approach to illumination. Connecting to the sinuous ceiling track is a series of illuminating options that include high performance and decorative spotlights, pendants shaped like circular domes or discs, and suspended floor to ceiling lamps, all defined by Anastassiades’ poetic approach to form.

FLOS_My Circuit_euroluce

All the suspended luminaires designed for the track program are available as stand-alone solutions, taking the names of My Disc, My Lines, My Dome and My Sphere. In this version they are equipped with a ceiling rose, also in total white finish.