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The Fundamentals of Lighting

Discover the breadth of options available and understand what will work best within your space.

Getting to Know You: Lighting Basics
Watt Are You Talking About: A Guide to Light Bulbs
Fixture Upper: Types of Lighting Fixtures
Control Freak: How to Control Your Lighting
Efficiency Expert: Benefits of Energy Saving Lights
Not the Brightest Bulb: Wattage vs. Lumens
Flip Your Switch: Choosing Dimmers vs. Switches
Your LED IQ: How to Avoid Mistakes When Buying LED Lights
For Your Consideration: What to Consider Before Buying Designer Lights
LED 101: Facts About LED Lights
Can you use LED lights in any lamps or fixtures?
How do LED lights work?
What are the benefits of LED lights?
How long do these lights last?
How to Choose LED vs Halogen Lights
CRI: What is the Color Rendering Index?
What’s a UL Certification?
What is LED Binning and how does It work?
Learn about lighting material and finishes