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Decor Guide

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See the Light: What is “Ambient Lighting” and What is “Task Lighting”?
Uplighting, Downlighting—All Around Confusing: How to Choose Light Direction
A Penchant for Pendants: How to Hang Pendant Lamps
Count Me In: How Many Lights are Right?
Know Your Place: How to Find Ideal Spots for Floor Lamps
Tough Choices: How to Decide Between Pendants, Bar, or Side Lights
Work It: Are Pendant Lights “Task” Lighting?
Prep School: How to Find Creative Solutions for Food Prep Areas
Raise Your Glass: How to Clean Glass Light Shades
The Right Light: What is Incandescent Lighting vs. LED
That’s Intense: What is Light Intensity and How is it Measured?
Support System: Why Secondary Lighting is Important
Get Out: Why Exterior Lighting is Important
Homey Run: How to Create Hospitality Lighting that Works
What is Human Centric Lighting?
Space Case: How Light Can Make Your Home More Spacious
Create Your Space: How to Light Personal Spaces
RV Lighting 101: How to Light Your Recreational Vehicle
Commercial Lighting: Why It’s So Important
Decorate Like a Pro: Experts Share Insight on How To Light Your Home
Benefits of Wireless Lighting Control and Contemporary Wireless Home Lights
Dimmable Lights: A Path to Efficient Lighting
ADA Compliance Lights and Other Things - Complete Guide to ADA Compliant Lighting
Find your Perfect Lampshade – A Comprehensive Guide