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Midna High Efficiency Unidirectional Mid-Power Led Dimmable 1-10V

2700K - CRI 80

Artikelcode: 529053-310.3

Luminaire for installation on wall – surface mounted.
Configuration: polycarbonate structure and die-cast aluminium cover and base, EN AB-47100 alloy (low copper content)
Double layer coating for high resistance to corrosion: the aluminium components are painted with a double coat using powders that are compliant with QUALICOAT standards: a first layer of epoxy powder (with excellent chemical and mechanical resistance) and a second finishing layer of polyester powder (resistant to UV rays and atmospheric agents). The entire painting process of the aluminium fitting starts from components that have been sandblasted in advance to make the surface more porous and increase the adherence of the paint. Ares effects alkaline and acid washing to clean the surfaces completely, then rinses with demineralised water to remove any residue particles, subsequently a chemical conversion treatment is done to protect against rusting.
Protection rating: IP66
In compliance with EN 60598-1 standards
Class of insulation: I
Installation: wiring through two cable holders (8mm<Ø<13mm cables). Outdoor use requires suitable flexible cables assuring the watertightness of the cable holder. During the installation and the maintenance of the fixtures it is important to be careful and avoid damages on the paint coating. Damages on the coating exposed to outdoor conditions or water, could cause corrosion. Chemical substances affect the anticorrosion covering protection.

Also available in: Midna
Technische Zeichnung
Schematische Lichtzeichnung
Diffused light
  • EXTIP10
  • OTYPE1
  • IC1
  • Leistung (W): 8.8
  • Systemleistung (W): 11
  • CCT (K): 2700K
  • CRI: 80
  • Nettolumen (lm): 815
  • Halterungen: Wandoberfläche
  • Umgebung: Außenbeleuchtung
  • Beleuchtungstyp: Direkt
  • LED-Typ: Leistungs-LED
  • Light distribution: Symmetrisch
  • Optiktyp: Streulicht
  • Frequenz (Hz): 50-60
  • Spannung (V): 220-240
  • Dimmbar: Yes
  • Treiber-Typ: Elektronisch dimmbar 1-10 V
  • Notfall: Ohne
  • Isolationsklasse: I
  • Farbe: Anthrazit

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