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The shape is ethereal, because it is ever-changing; It’s the evolution or the consequence of a creative process that doesn’t necessarily have to do with design.

Flos recounts the story of Andrea and Simone, from their passion for design in their daily lives in Amsterdam, discovering what revolves around the Formafantasma reality

The bare minimum

You need to set up your filters in the right way. You almost need to protect yourself from the noise. Remove the excess information. Remove everything and just live with the bare minimum

The best design lecture ever

An original film on Achille Castiglioni’s lecture at the 39th International Design Conference in Aspen, 1989. As an amateur rather than an official document, the film conveys in an extraordinarily authentic way all the admiration, curiosity and genuine enjoyment that the great Master of design and a fundamental figure in the history of FLOS was able to arouse in the public through his genius, his vitality and his rare powers of communication.

Old fashioned never ages

Many follow a lead just because it is fashionable, sure Jos Gibson is not one of them. He seeks things that he really likes and enjoy no matter the contest, being authentic to his true self

Captains are meant to lead

The interaction with what surrounds us can unfurl infinite paths and possibilities, numerous developments of a story so unique that it only resembles itself.

Between lights and shadows

Flos introduces ‘Dentro Caravaggio’ exhibition, promoted and produced by the Comune di Milano-Cultura, Palazzo Reale and MondoMostre Skira, and lit up by the Milanese architect Barbara Balestreri. Barbara told us about the chosen path for the realization of this highly acclaimed project.

Bon Jour Versailles

The heir to an earlier “Bon Jour” lamps collaboration between Flos and Starck and to the “Versailles” candle-holder created by Baccarat.